Pricelist - Dental treatments

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Quality treatment requires cutting-edge materials, new techniques, and above all, plenty of time.
For insurance reimbursement, these requirements cannot be met and are only a "temporary" provisional solution in this respect. That is why at our clinic, the performances fully paid by the insurance company include mainly initial examinations, preventive examinations, X-rays, anaesthesia and procedures which merely provide a temporary solution to the problem. Other procedures are paid for by the patient himself as above-standard care. See the pricelist, which is calculated on the basis of the factually adjusted price.


Complex  entrance


 paid for by the  insurance company / 2 000 CZK self-paying

Intraoral image

 paid for by the insurance company / 330 CZK  self-paying

OPG image

  paid for by insurance company  / 1320 CZK self-paying

Anaesthesia  (basic)

paid for by the insurancecompany from /  330 CZK self-paying

Composite (white) fiilling

from 1 200 CZK     

Child tooth filling

from 1 300 CZK

Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) under a microscope

from 7 000 CZK

Tooth extractoin

paid for by insurance company from / 1 980 CZK self-paying

Requested consultatin (30min)

1 980 CZK

Metal-ceramic crown

from 9 000 CZK

All-ceramic crown

from 12 000 CZK

Metal-ceramic crown CEREC (price for 1 member the bridge)

from 9 000 CZK

Plastic bridge member CEREC (price for 1 member the bridge)

4 000 CZK

All-ceramic crown CEREC

from 9 000 CZK

Inlay, onlay, overlay all-ceramic CEREC

from 8 000 CZK

Crown, inlay, onlay, overlay from sparkle ceramics CEREC

from 6 500 CZK

Crown, inlay, onlay, overlay compisite CEREC

3 500 CZK

Crown, inlay, onlay, overlay plastic CEREC

5 000 CZK

Crown for implant

15 000 Kč

Faseta CEREC (by material)

from 3 500 CZK

Implantological consultation

1 000 CZK

Implant placement

14 000 CZK

All-ceramic crown for implant

16 500 CZK

Analgosedation/ general anesthesia

13 000 CZK/ 1 hour.

ENTONOX – laughing gas

1 500 CZK

Infusion vitamin C

1 700 CZK

CBCT costruction, evaluation

2 000 CZK


Complete pricelist on request in the dental office.


We cooperate with the following major health insurance companies, operating in the Czech Republic

  • 111 VZP Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna
  • 201 VoZP Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna
  • 205 ČPZP Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna
  • 207 OZP Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna zaměstnanců bank a pojišťoven
  • 211 ZP MV ČR Zdravotní pojišťovna ministerstva vnitra ČR
  • 213 RBP Revírní bratrská pojišťovna
  • 209 ZPŠ Zaměstnanecká pojišťovna Škoda
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Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o. – a dental clinic

Like the rest of the body, your teeth need regular care. And the basic rule of dental care is, do not underestimate regular check-ups at the dentist’s.

You will see that a dentist appointment does not have to pose an unpleasant experience. At the Centre of Dental Medicine, Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o., we treat each patient individually, courteously and with a respectful approach. We do not forget that a human approach and a smile on the lips cost nothing, and yet they can do wonders.