Teeth whitening

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Healthy and shiny white teeth don’t have to be just a privilege of celebrities. They can also be yours. Dazzle everyone with your smile and let our professionals bleach your teeth in a gentle way.

Teeth whitening is done in three ways:

  • Zoom Advanced Power - teeth whitening using a plasma lamp, performed in our clinic.
  • Dash - bleaching without a lamp, performed in our clinic.
  • Home bleaching - we will prepare special carriers, so that you can enjoy teeth whitening in the comfort of your home.

Do you want to know more about our teeth whitening methods? Read the article of our dental hygienist Adéla Tikovská.

And what is the price for white teeth? 2500 - 9000 CZK (depending on the bleaching method).


Our dental hygiene services include aesthetic teeth whitening. Take a look at the photo gallery of our patients and get inspired. Visit Adela Dental Care and leave with a shiny white smile that you’ll be proud to show for everybody to see.



Skyce tooth jewels are shimmering gems that add shine and glitter to your smile. They are not obtrusive in your mouth and do not require special care.

Would you like to underscore the beauty of your white teeth? We'll embelish them with jewelery whenever you wish.

Skyce - jewel / tooth gem: 1000 CZK

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Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o. – a dental clinic

Like the rest of the body, your teeth need regular care. And the basic rule of dental care is, do not underestimate regular check-ups at the dentist’s.

You will see that a dentist appointment does not have to pose an unpleasant experience. At the Centre of Dental Medicine, Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o., we treat each patient individually, courteously and with a respectful approach. We do not forget that a human approach and a smile on the lips cost nothing, and yet they can do wonders.